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We set up a work-from-home โ€˜officeโ€™ for the long term with the Right Table with proper Work height, Good Professional Chair with encouraging adjustable height ,roll , lumbar support, seat pan Tilt, arm height, etc , the physical setup of Book shelf, Adjustable Laptop Stand, Marker Board, Pin Board, Foot Rest, Clocks , Globe and all the add-on ergonomics of the workspace. First in India to boost Productivity by SelectStarโ€™s properly outfitted WFH Furniture Programming and Solutions for better work and less strain.


Office Desk Table:-


Office desk Table is 4 feet long and features powder coated metal legs with High Grade Engineered Plywood (Zero % MDF)  table top that easily compliments the corporate or home office. The metal A-frame base is a uniquely utilitarian form that is built to bear the load of the daily grind. The desktop finish is PVC edge banded over the engineered wood top which provides a durable and stylish surface for work. Adjustable glides at the base of the legs provide easy desk levelling for any floor surface. This desk is Relocation Friendly and Easy to Assemble in Minutes.


Medium Back Ergonomic Office Chair:- 


This chair is truly The Indiaโ€™s Most Customizable Home/Office Chair.


our Medium-Back Ergonomic Office Chair allows you to do it in elegance. All while helping you maintain a neutral posture position. Proper posture, especially after long periods of sitting, relieves back pain while keeping you alert and more focused. Our most customizable ergonomic office chair.


We believe style is as important as comfort and you also have the pleasure of personalizing your chair to fit your own individual style with our features like Recline In Comfort,Ergonomic Back Support, Arm Height Adjustments,Perfect Seat, Temperature-Regulating-Technology Cooling effect seat! All our chairs are custom-built and hand-made assemble using only the highest quality components.

๐—˜๐—ซ๐—˜๐—–๐—จ๐—ง๐—œ๐—ฉ๐—˜ [WFH package] - ๐— ๐—ผ๐—ฑ๐—ฒ๐—น ๐Ÿฐ

โ‚น30,999.00 Regular Price
โ‚น25,499.00Sale Price
Color: White

    1. Table 2x4 ft Iron Legs with High-class Powder Coating and First Quality Plywood white Table Top
    2. Chair High Back Ergonomic /Seating & Arm Adjustable/12 Months' Warranty
    3. Book Shelves Creative & Customized Power coated steel brackets
    4. Writing Board 1 . 5 x 2 ft Scratch-resistant surface for easy to write & to wipe Clean
    5. Pin-up Board 1 . 5 x 2 ft High density soft board core for better pining of notices and papers
    6. WFH Accessories Multi-Colored World Globe , Alarm Clock's or Wall Clock for Time Zones
    7. Laptop Stand Foldable /Adjustable /Hollow Base Air Ventilation/ Improve Posture for a Healthy back
    8. Smart desk organizer Multiple compartments for handily Pens/Notepads/sorting large & small items
    9. Indoor Plant Bright/Green /indirect sun coverage /Less water /Best Natural Air- Cleanser
    10. Foot Rest Cum Storage Box Foldable / Washable / Light-Weight / comfortable Foot Rest and Sit
    11. Water Bottle and Glass Best water bottle with flip-top lid for for hot and cold drinks
    12. Room Perfume Bamboo Reed Diffuser / Mild and soft fragrance for uplifting mood of work,sense and relax
    13. Rubik Cube or Stress Relief Squeezing Ball Stress Bursting Table game / Mini workout for Mind and Nerves
    14. Dustbin /Deskside Bin Office Cleanliness / Workplace Waste Disposal
    15. Name Board Acrylic board with paper printed name display

    +++ Free Add- on Stationary Kit - Includes

    Stainless Steel 30 cm Scale / Pen/ pencil/Marker Pen/Eraser/ Files/ Planner/Calender etc..,

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